These books are $5. 

These books are $5. 

With summer quickly ending we are excited about what the Lord has in store for us this fall.  We will be doing a 2-part study where we will be digging deeper into God’s Word, through questioning, journaling, and inductive study.  Stephanie McFadden will be leading us as we learn the inductive Bible study skills of observation, interpretation, and application and how to become an active participant in God’s Word.  Building on this knowledge, Jodi Barnes will lead us through Beth Moore’s newest bible study, “The Quest; An Excursion Toward Intimacy With God”.  

Some of you may have heard the term “inductive Bible study” in regard to renowned Bible study author, Kay Arthur.  Kay Arthur’s inductive study method has helped millions of people discover the truth of God’s Word for themselves.  Kay’s inductive Bible study method presents a systematic approach that includes key words, context studies, comparison and contrasts, topical studies, and more.  Stephanie will bring these concepts to life with her ever-present joy and love of the Lord.

These books are $10.

These books are $10.

Jodi Barnes, a very talented and passionate Bible study teacher, will guide us through "The Quest" by Beth Moore following our inductive study.  The following is the information about "The Quest" from Beth’s website:

There Is No Quest Without Questions

The crooked punctuation mark at the end of a sentence speaks of curiosity, interest, and perhaps doubt. A question is an invitation to vulnerability, to intimacy. The Bible does not shy away from such an invite. Over and over we see the people of God asking questions of their Creator. We also see the God of the universe asking questions of His creation.

The Quest is a challenge to accept the invitation. In this six-week excursion with Jesus, Beth Moore uses questions from Scripture to lead you into intimacy with the One who knows you best. Learn to dig into the Word, to respond to the questions of God, and to bring your questions before Him. Let the crooked punctuation mark be the map that points you into a closer relationship with the Father.

Learn to pray to promote intimacy with God.

Explore questions and responses from the Bible.

Track your quest by journaling along the way.

Learn to read and respond to Scripture.

Bible study times 

Wednesday evenings:  Sept. 6th - Dec. 6th at 6:30-8:00pm in Building A

Thursday mornings:  Sept. 7th - Dec. 7th at 9:30-noon in Building C

Childcare available upon reservations.  Spaces are limited, so sign up today!

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