VLSM Camping and Glamping

VLSM Camping and Glamping



Guys, get ready for an awesome adventure-filled weekend at Lake Alan Henry! During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to fish, grill, camp, and dig into The Word. The guys will be exploring the characteristics of a Godly man. For more information, contact Ryan Walker.
Date: July 20 – July 22
Location: Lake Alan Henry
Cost: $35


Girls, we are so excited to spend time diving into God's word and discovering our identity in Christ! The goal of the weekend will be to discover our true identity and worth as beloved daughters of God. We will be staying the night at Kim Churchwell’s house and hangout, swim, craft, and watch movies. Then, on Sunday, we will all go to church together at Victory Life! Contact Sydney Ross for more information.
Date: July 21 – July 22
Location: Churchwell Residence
Cost: $35

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