Finding your way around VKIDS


Vkids doors remain closed during programs. 
Vkids Greeters are at entrance and exits. 
Parent/Person Checking In/Out child only in VKids area. 
PLEASE wait at the class door. Your Child will be released to you at the door. 

Entrance & exit

There is ONE-WAY directional flow in the VKids hallways for drop off and pick up. ENTER VKids from the Front Hallway and EXIT from the VKids Hallway for drop off and pick up. 

Check in/out

Guests start at VKids entrance where a VKids Greeter will assist you in registering with The City Check In in the front VKids hallway. 
2 stickers are printed at Check in: 1 given to VKids Teacher upon arrival. 
2nd sticker given to VKids Teacher at Pick Up.


Exclude your child from VKids if he/she is sick or has any symptoms of childhood illness in the past 24 hours including: vomiting, fever; 100.4 oral degrees, diarrhea. Also exclude children with common cold untreated with excessive cough and/or nasal discharge, runny nose showing signs of infection, sore throat, croup, unexplained rash, skin infections, eye infections.

Sunday - 9:15A & 10:45A
Vkids opens at 9:00A

Wednesday - 6:30P - 8:00P
VKids opens at 6:15P