The Greek word Oikos translates best as “house,” but it is more than just the physical structure. It relates to the family home. In the terms of the New Testament, the family home was outlining the multi-generational family that lived in one place. As the head of the family led, the rest of the house followed. The house, or Oikos, was a place where the generations were like minded, a place for encouragement, where accountability was learned, and was a place of sharing in life. This is exactly what we are seeking for our Oikos groups, and we would love for you to be a part of a group.

Week One

We live in a world that loves to throw “don’t judge” at the church. Is that what Paul is teaching us through his letter to the Corinthians? The truth is we are not to judge, but we are not told to do nothing. Not passing judgment doesn’t mean not taking a stand or not dealing with sin. Like Christ, we are called to handle sin issues with a genuine heart without hypocritical motives, and the ultimate goal is always restoration. That means we are to first deal with the sin in our own lives in consideration of what God challenges us with corporately. We need a heart check if we are pointing out someone’s failures while our own lives are out of line with the teachings of Jesus.

Week Two

As we worked through the message this Sunday, three challenges came forward, first, is there an issue in my house/family/or someone who is a part of the body of Christ that I need to get right. Read 1 John 2:9; 1 John 4:19-20 How do you read these verses? How do they apply right now to your life or this situation? Is there someone who would like to share? Secondly, is there a brother/sister in Christ that I need to help with a “splinter” issue and what are some biblical principles/verses that will help you as you do that? Talk about helping other focused verses that we can use. Thirdly, is there something that you are doing or thinking about doing or saying that is going to affect your witness in a negative manner? Write that situation down and allow this study to help you work through how to deal with that in an absolute manner of the word of God and from God. Read James 4:17, What does it mean to be a doer of the word in this particular situation? Jesus’ thoughts were that he was coming to do the work of the Father. He states that his food is to do God’s will. (Jn.4:34) Doing God’s will is what drove the passion of His life. Building upon where we have been the last few weeks, as we look at how we become salt/light, as we deal with the “sin in the camp” and as we take this next step in how we heal the relationships that are a part of our families and inside our church, Realize that our study is not just for knowledge but for application.

Week Three

What did/does the title of the sermon, “It’s All About Him,” make you think of? Remember, the enemy constantly accuses us and reminds us of who we were. Praise God as we focus on Him, He will show us how we are joined to Christ as His bride in marriage, we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit who leads us, and we can have confidence in our witness as He works in and through the way we live out our faith. As we submit to Him, we are no longer slaves to sin and fear, but we can be bold in our responsibility to make Him known and glorify our risen and living King. To God be all honor, glory and praise!