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“Start Here.” It is always good, no matter what we are doing or putting together, to have a place where we know we can get a good start. This is exactly what “Start Here” is all about. 
Our desire at Victory Life is that we all know how to get started to go deeper in our walk of faith no matter where we are right now. “Start Here” is our new member/guest/information ministry to get the right information in your hands so you know how to move forward with us in your faith no matter what your starting point is.
Part of “Start Here” is a new members lunch to be held on a specific Sunday, right after our second worship service. The lunch is free, childcare is provided, and it is an opportunity for us in a concise way to tell you who we are and answer your questions. 
And here’s the great part, “Start Here” and the luncheon isn’t just for members. If you are new and just want to come and find out, you are welcomed. 

Our “Start Here” luncheons are on the second Sunday of each month. Please contact the church office at 806-698-6553 to let us know you are coming and if you need childcare and what ages. Hope to see you there soon. 

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