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Mission Statement

"Creating an environment that invites genuine and Christ centered worship"


Core Values


  • We want to do the best that we can in the moment that we're in, but we also want to be continually improving in what we do.

  • Thought: Progress, Not Perfection.



  • Creating relationships in a diverse group of people and investing in the lives of each other. We share each others burdens and rejoice in each others victories. We will pray for, encourage, support, and affirm one another as well as be accountable to one another for these values.

  • Thought: Let's do life together!



  • We will walk in humility, always putting others above ourselves by believing and seeing the best in them. We depend on the transforming power of God.

  • Thought: It's not about you.



  • Serving together with a unified goal in mind. We add to, and enhance one another's unique abilities and gifts, setting each other up for success.

  • Thought: We all lead, we all follow.